Wish for God’s Mercy

It’s so evil that I can’t talk
Hell is no place to go
Don’t wish it on anyone you hate
Wish that God doesn’t create hell

Wish that all repent and worship God
He is the most merciful one
Hell is for evil people and is no lie
God is the most trustworthy one

Be patient and hope for all the best
Speak wise words and put good people to rest
Huge is God the most beloved
He will never harm those he loves

Believe and do good and have faith
God is the forgiving of all mistakes
Trust him and make repentance and repair
Your bond with him after all mistakes

Trust the messengers and harm them not
God loves the pious of the heart
They too did not like hell
That is why they preached with care

Pray for it to not come about
Nor God having any wrath
Pray and pray for all the good
And know God is the answer to us all

Be patient and worship God
He will forgive and is the most kind
Trust him with all your might
And worship with all your heart and time

What is Happiness?

Happiness is not happiness
Faith in God is happiness
To Give up the world and worship God is happiness
Suffering and poverty in the world is sometimes happiness
Truth is that the world is an evil place
So happiness is not happiness

Achievement is not achievement
Joy is not joy
Truth is not truth
Wealth is not wealth
Success is not success
When the world is so evil

The world will never be good
But heaven is good
That is the place where everything is good
All worship God there
Where is that it is not here
But it is near for the believers

Who give up the positions and luxury of life
To strive in the way of God for God
A life of seeking to be good
To be truly good
And to worship the purely good

God is good
And teaches to fast and give to the poor
How could one be in luxury
When there is so much suffering and evil in the world
Yet all think that the aim of life is the world
No wonder why it is so evil in the world

While the aim is to worship God
And to have faith in only God
To believe in none but God
To leave evil of the world
And to seek the pleasure of God
The God most high, the one and only God

That is why heaven is for the weak and poor
The lowly downtrodden humbled being
Who is happy yet no one knows why
As heaven is near and their sights towards God
So make money and donate some
Or better worship God and worry not about money

Worship and fast and humble yourself before God
The one who is most capable of righting wrongs
He wants humility before himself the most high
And to do good deeds of righting wrongs
He gives power and wealth for us not to want more
But seek worship and the truth of it all

Yet most don’t believe and take it for a game
A game to win, enjoy and have happiness evermore
And pay not heed to right and wrong
And give into evil of the world
And think that worldly happiness is happiness
While the worldly happiness has never been happiness

Don’t say son of God

Son of God never meant God’s son
Nor God the son
It meant not a son of idols
Not the son of a tribe
Not the follower of forefathers in evil
It meant sometimes a radical
An ethical
Worshiper of the true God
Then there came Islam
All this confusion banished
Replaced by Muslim a honorary title
Not a submitter to the law
Or predestination
Nor culture of forefathers
But again, the same meaning as the first
A worshiping monotheist in our twenty first century tongue
Thus, God does not want xenophobia but harmony
Not to be tribal and racist of any kind
So, let us all be worshipers of God and call ourselves, believers,
Does not matter as to the name of religion
It matters as to the faith and worship
Of God the supremely high

The best wealth

with wealth one is blinded to God
luxury makes one forget the worship of God
to get up from worship becomes much harder
to be wealthy is to not suffer
and to suffer due to not suffering
which is the worst kind of suffering
to get rich needs lots of work
sometimes lots of luck and nothing more
lots of time spent on fun or increasing the wealth
ignoring that the planet cannot sustain such wealth
ignoring the rights of God
then asking if there is a God
and thinking it highest question and thing said
while the poor and suffering are far ahead
believe and are worshiping God
so, stop doing evil for worldly gain
then you will realise the idol of the world was nothing but pain
and there is a God and he is deserving of worship
and the best wealth is to do good deeds and worship

Who are we to judge?

Don’t judge me, because you won’t be a winner either,
It is not our job to talk behind one another,
No one earns anything this way, so why bother?
Instead tell it to my face, in a private space,
Let me know what I’m doing wrong,
Help me regain my faith, help me get strong!
Remind me to repent, remind me to change my life,
Remind me the Holy promise that God has given to us,
Remind me that He forgives, as long as I repent.
Let’s love each other for the One and Only’s sake,
Let’s help each other fix our mistakes,
Because counting people’s sins, won’t make us saints.

Just a sign

Back in the day,
When I had no guideline
I used to say,
“Oh God, give me a sign”
I waited and waited,
And didn’t see a thing,
That’s how another day went,
Waiting what tomorrow will bring.
“Just a sign”,
So I know You are real,
“Just a sign”
Nothing, still.

And then one day,
Someone said to me,
“You have eyes, but you cannot see,
You have ears, but you cannot hear,
Because God’s signs are everywhere,
The sky, the sun, the Earth, the air,
Is this not enough for you,
Do you need any more proof?
To prove that God is One,
How many more signs do you want?”

“So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” (Ar-Rahman)



God loves diversity and differences of kind
He loves his creation to know and love each other
not because they are alike but because they are of the same mind
a mind of belief and worship of God
a mind that does right rather than wrong
no matter the language religion or race
regardless of opinions or specialty in field of knowledge
the deeds and faith in God are what matter to God
so, let’s worship however we can
wherever we are
whoever we are
whatever we call ourselves
lets worship and know that God isn’t racist he is the most kind
he likes to be worshiped and obeyed and known as the only divine

Where to find Peace?

If it is Peace that you are looking for,
Make sure to search in the right places,
Because peace is hard to find in this world.
Peace belongs to al-Salaam
It belongs to Him,
And to Him you should turn,
Before you return.

Peace cannot be found in this life
Except if you know where to look
You can find it when you’re supplicating
Or when you cry on sujood.
When you raise your hands,
And tell your deepest dua,
That’s when you’ll feel,
The most peaceful of all.

If you live your life
To please the One and Only
Peace will come to you
Without even knowing.
Turn to Him,
Before you return.

True success

Ask not yourself what would Muhammad do?
or what would Jesus or Moses do?
Ask yourself what would you do if you were a Prophet of God
know that you cannot be any of the idols of the past or present
but you can be the good version of you and like a prophet

The aim therefore is not to be like any idol
but to be the most ethical person you can be in the sight of God
The aim is not to do what is normal or what is permissible
the aim is to be abnormally good
to choose the best option of the permissible

the goal is not death and afterlife
it is to live a life of aliveness in worship of God
the goal is achievable everywhere as God is near
the way is clear it is already known
It is the way of using your reason and doing what God would love

To do worship is to love God and to fear him
whether that is to do science, arts, or humanities
with worship of God in life you draw near to him
and gradually you realise success was not hard
to live life near to God is the true success


Self-hatred should not happen when you repent to God
As you are good now because you repented to God
If you hate yourself after repentance than you hate a righteous person
So think of yourself as good after repentance to God
And do not say I have been bad as the bad is no longer in you
You are now an innocent and holy person so think of yourself positively
But know your deed was bad before the repentance
And become not arrogant and haughty due to your perceived holiness
Forget your wrongdoing and concentrate on doing good
And do not bring up your wrong deeds to self or others
And have hope in God’s forgiveness and your own future goodness